Game Statistics
Project Started:
265 days
Total Invested:
236.20 $
Total Players:
1268 Users
Total Paid:
77.50 $
This project is powered by Blockchain technology and is provably fair.
Happiness (HPN) is a crypto currency that can be earned while playing!
On sign up your Happiness wallet will be created automatically.

We boldly declare that our game is stable & will always fulfill its commitments. This can be confirmed by our users who are consistently earning money in our game. Nevertheless, the administration of the project does not guarantee the derivation of profit from participation in the game. Your income depends entirely on deepness of yours & other players' participation in the game!

How it works?
Motto: Only way to increase your Happiness (Profit) is to share it with others.

The game Smiling Coins is a virtual representation of our Social Economy Model, through which you can earn REAL money.

You play the role of a philanthropist by sharing various smiles in the game. On sign-up you get 10 Happiness and 5 to 25 Bonus Happiness every hour for FREE. Every smile you share generates happiness for you, which can be exchanged for real money or can be used to share more smiles and generate more happiness. Each Smile you share brings Happiness for 365 Days.

Game Mechanics
There are several types of resources in the project - Karma and Happiness, there are 2 types of Happiness: «for sharing» and «for withdrawal». With Happiness for sharing, you can share new smiles. Happiness for the withdrawal and Karma you can exchange for real money, and withdraw them to your electronic wallet automatically.

Happiness for Sharing can be bought or obtained from smiles. Happiness for withdrawal is produced only by your shared smiles. While Karma is generated by your Top-ups and it can also be obtained from your social circle.

Share Smiles
The game has 7 type of smiles, each smile brings a certain profit as emotions, which on EnCashing is divided into Happiness for Sharing (70%) and Happiness for Withdrawal (30%).
Good Vibes
Brings: 3 Thanks / hour
Brings: 33 Knowledge / hour
Brings: 165 Popularity / hour
Brings: 855 Kisses / hour
Cost: 50 Happiness
Cost: 500 Happiness
Cost: 2500 Happiness
Cost: 12500 Happiness
Brings: 45000 Gifts / hour
Brings: 13155 Memories / hour
Brings: 4335 Respect / hour
Cost: 375000 Happiness
Cost: 125000 Happiness
Cost: 50000 Happiness
Distribution of Funds
Reserve Funds:
3 Levels of Referral Bonus:
5% + 3% + 1%
Tech Support:

Develop your Social Circle
If you are a social person and always like to share your happiness with others, look at the development of your Social Circle in the Game, receive a 5% bonus from top-ups by friends you have personally invited.

If you are a shy person and not very socially active, not to worry. Our system will automatically bring you referrals that come without an invitation. Referrals are distributed evenly for 90 days among all who have toped-up their account for 5$ or more.

By the way, you receive pure Karma as a bonus.

Reserve Funds
Daily Payouts
Profitable Rules
Stable Formula
System Transparency
24x7 Tech Support